9 Reasons Why You Should Travel!

I have already seen some of our earth. I have visited many countries and lived in some of these countries and there is no end in sight. I have learned amazing things on my travels around the world, met some of the most remarkable people, eaten the most delicious food and fell in love more than once with nature, people and culture.

Traveling is addictive

Traveling was a dream when I was a teenager. Tomorrow, traveling will be a major integral part of my life. Because in a year, I will become a professional travel blogger and trek around the world, a world that I already see differently than before. As I’m always looking for new stories to read online to prepare for my trip and I have to say that I absorb everything I discover in me and like that try to bring the trekking world a lot closer to me and hopefully to you with this blog.

I have learned a lot during the last few weeks and I believe that traveling is the perfect antidote to everything. Against a broken heart, against stress, anxiety and much more!

You still wonder why you should travel? Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go on this adventure.

1. The people

I remember that my best friend was from a foreign origin in my childhood and I never thought about it. In fact, I never realized until my grandparents picked me up one day and said, “Oh, you never mentioned that your boyfriend is a foreigner!” I probably never thought it would make a difference. As children we are open to everything, then at one point society and the status quo come along and set the standards and values for everything. Traveling helps you escape the status quo and see the world through your childrens’ eyes again and lets you meet people from other cultures without putting them in a drawer.

After all, we are all human beings, we are all flesh and blood. Traveling helps you to get out of your normal environment, your comfort zone and meet new people and discover new cultures.

2. You should not organize your address book by name but by country

You will meet so many impressive people during your travels. So make sure you stay in contact with them after the trip. This means you should always take a phone number and email with you to call and write them instead of just ‘liking’ their last image or status update on social media. Staying in touch with them will give you another good reason to pack your bags and start again.

3. Learn a new language

Of course, you could opt for a Spanish course at the university and learn the language with textbooks and a computer program. Or, you could go out and live in an apartment in Barcelona, go grocery shopping every day at the local market, talk to the locals in a tapas bar at the end of the street and long board on the beach before your day ends with a sunset drink at the Barcelonetta with your new Spanish friends.

4. Travel is the best university of life

Traveling and meeting new cultures and people will teach you things you can never learn in a school or textbook. Traveling can teach you things like economics, geography, sociology, politics and much more. The only difference with the university is that it is not an accredited institution but therefore it will teach you much more. Most of what I know about business I have learned through and on my travels.

5. Enjoy Foodgasms all over the world

Imagine the best food you have eaten in your hometown. Remember the feeling you had at the first bite. It was so good, it was so delicious. Now quadruple this feeling. So it feels like traveling and tasting the amazing food all over the world.

6. Become a storyteller

There are people who are critical of everything and who think that you are wasting your time by traveling. Tell them all the stories you experienced while they were penned in their office box. Tell them about the collision you had with a shark swimming in a carrabean sea or the meeting with the fisherman in Thailand, who encouraged you to realize your dreams. Or how cool it is to live in a nice apartment in Ecuador with a rooftop pool and a private fitness center for only 300 Euros a month. He will not be so cheeky next time.

7. Life begins outside your comfort zone

We all know the pictures with this quote, but stereotypes are often a cliché for a special reason. Life starts just outside your comfort zone. The first time to drive on the left? Crazy! To get lost in the jungle of Brazil and cross flood-prone rivers on a broken bridge? Insane! Bungee jumping in a riverbed in New Zealand? Awesome!

8. Develop skills and self-confidence

Being served in rural China just what you wanted without having to speak the language? How cool is that? Helping a community in the Philippines to rebuild a camp after a big storm? Also very cool? To reach the top of the highest mountain in Africa after almost collapsing several times on the way? The absolute stunner!!

All these things will help you to use skills you did not know you had and build confidence for the future. You will know that you are capable of achieving everything that you want to achieve in life. Especially in business, these are the important skills that every employer seeks in his employees.

9. Make the most of the one chance you have!

We only have this one life and there is no chance that you will survive it. So make the most of this unique opportunity you have. Hack-off as many things as possible from your bucket list of all the things you want to do until the end of your life, and check out the stunning landscapes of the Highlands in Scotland or the temples of Bali!

There are many reasons why you should travel. Why are you traveling?

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