Preparation And Planning Of My Trekking Adventure Trip Around The World

I always wanted to go on a world tour, since I was 18 years old I wanted to go but it was never the right time? Now I have been inspired and in 2020 I will become a true adventure traveler and tackle my very first trip around the world: Now I have 18 months to think about the most important things to successfully manage my journey.

If you dream of making your own trip around the world one day? Get out of everyday life and into the big adventure? You want to get to know foreign cultures and countries, make breathtaking experiences, visit wonderful places and make discoveries that you can still tell your grandchildren about? What am I waiting for then, I thought to myself and have now embarked on the preparations to walk …

…around the globe

Before you even start planning your trip around the world, the most important decision is: Make your lifelong dream come true, now!

The biggest problem with living dreams is that they often remain dreams. On many of my own travel journeys, I have met many young people who looked at me longingly and said: “One day I will travel and visit countries around the world! Later, when I’m retired.” But then I also met with retirees who looked at me with the same look and said,” You’ll do that right buddy, if I was as young as you, then I would also travel the world. But at my age, unfortunately, this is no longer possible.” Therefore, there is a golden rule for all who dream of a world tour:

Trip Around The World: The right time is now!

There are always reasons why it is not possible right now. That was from the moment you were born until the present time, and it will continue to do so. Something is always. But the question should not be, “What keeps me from going on a trip around the world?” But rather, “What do I have to do to get started?” To make it easier for you to answer that question and to put your dream really into action, I have been online to gather information and compile tips for you to plan your trip around the world, which I will heed and which should also help you to take the necessary steps from dreaming to action.

1. Set yourself a fixed date

When should it definitely start and how long should the trip around the world last? How many places do you want to see on your journey and how long do you want your stay to take?

If you really want to go, then the most important thing is that you choose a fixed start date for your world trip around the globe. It should be so far in the future that you can make all the necessary preparations stress-free. What needs to be clarified and completed before you go on your journey? Which visa do you have to apply for? What happens to your apartment? How much time do you need to get everything done? At the same time, the date must not be too far in the future that you lose sight of your goal or the preparations are not considered serious. It’s a bit like having an exam. If it is still far in the future, you will not start learning because other things have a higher priority. It is also important that you take the planned date for your world trip seriously. What has not been done by then, that must be left undone. I’m going to spend 18 months preparing for my big trip so I do not run out of time in the end. I thought well when the best time for me is and came to the decision that the starting signal for me is on the 22nd of August 2020, one day after my birthday that I still want to celebrate in the circle of my family before I will go on my trekking adventure around the world.

2. Decide how you want to tackle your trip

World travel is not equal world travel. The term is as diverse as the people who embark on such a journey. Everyone thinks of something else. For some, there is a world tour with an “Around The World” ticket, with which you can fly from continent to continent and always have a look at a part of it. For others, it is traveling with local transportation or hitchhiking from one country to the next. Still others prefer the sea route and understand under a world trip a cruise or a gigantic sailing turn. Then there are the fans of RV’s or expedition mobiles, who make their journey with their own mobile home. Or those who specialize in exceptional means of transportation such as tuck-tucks, horse-drawn carriages, mopeds, motorcycles, pedal boats or hot air balloons. Finally, there are the cyclists and hikers who want to cover all distances with their own muscle power. None of these ways is better or worse. Each has its own advantage and each has a number of disadvantages.

One of the first steps in planning your trip around the world is choosing the personal travel vehicle. Whether airplane, bicycle, pilgrim car – many other decisions depend on that.

It is therefore important in your planning to clarify for yourself which travel method suits you best. An own car or a bully has undoubtedly the advantage that you can be so very independent and at the same time quite fast. However, you must also remember that you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, that you need the necessary money for the fuel and what can happen when you have to repair your vehicle. Traveling on foot or as a backpacker is much cheaper, but you need a lot more time. The travel method is therefore crucial for all your future plans. Consider also, in which countries you want to travel. Because not every travel technique can be implemented in every country.

I decided to trek by foot and the seas will be covered with a sailing ship.

3. How long should your trip around the world last?

Depending on the way you want to travel, it also requires a different time-frame and budget. I decide to go hiking during my trip because it is important for us to be really calm and to get to know each country slowly. It takes a lot of time, of course, and this type of travel is not possible in all countries. If you take a year off from your job for your trip around the world, that sounds like a very long time at the beginning. But a single year passes by faster than you think. I’ll take a look at the world on foot to better get to know people, countries and cultures. So if you want to get to know the world this way, it can take decades, so it’s preferably to just become a nomad. With trains, airplanes and cars, of course, you are traveling much faster, but here too it is easy to misjudge. The world is big and you could fill your life with what you can just see in Germany. Think about exactly how much time you want to spend on your dream and do not take too much action. If you are more stressed on your world trip than at your job then you have definitely done something wrong.

4. Plan your trip around the world: your travel budget

The most important budget items on the world tour: food, drink, accommodation and transportation.

The second big factor you should keep in mind is the cost. The money factor is the main reason why many people in our society never realize their lifelong dreams. No matter how much they earn, it never seems to be enough to really be free. And if they do, then they often spend so much time working that they can no longer use the money. So think carefully about how you want to deal with the energy form of money. Many world travelers save themselves a buffer over a longer period, from which they then live during their journey. However, this has the disadvantage that you get to know every day, how your travel commodity trickles through your fingers. Often it even happens that the time window is not really closed because of time, but because of money. Remember that you need something to eat and drink every day, that you have to spend the night somewhere, and that in most cases, your means of transport will cost you something. Of course, your financial situation is also heavily dependent on your way of traveling.

Another method is the so-called work-and-travel. In doing so, you are always looking for ways to earn money with which you then finance your next steps. This has the advantage that you can refresh your travel budget again and again and with a little bit of luck also get insights into various activities. On the other hand, of course, it has the disadvantage that you spend a large part of your trip back to work, often in very low-paid conditions and in jobs that do not necessarily provide you with fulfillment. Also, it is not easy everywhere to find a way to work, especially because you will need also a flat and food for the appropriate time. If you pay more for it than you earn with your work, then you have gained nothing. That’s why I have created this blog to share my trekking stories with you here and hopefully can improve my travel budget herewith. So that your journey does not fail due to the cost issue, but you also do not live in constant poverty and run the risk of losing the fun, you have to find a balance that feels good for you. So you can ask in some countries, for example, at pastors or town halls for free beds, if you have an iso-mattress and a sleeping bag. Camping is also a good alternative to hostels and hotels.

5. Prepare yourself well for your world trip adventure

Anyone who plunges into his great adventure unprepared for the dream can soon turn into a nightmare. Prepare yourself well for your journey, on all levels: organizational, physical and mental. Find out about the countries you want to travel to and see if you need a visa. It is also good to know something about the political situation and the criminality of a country. India and Bangladesh, for example, are undoubtedly beautiful countries, but you must realize that it is also home to the dark side of our civilization. Here you will find more suffering caused by the toxic mass production of our everyday items than anywhere else on earth. Are you ready to look at this part of the world?

Not only planning and organizing, but you have to also get prepared physically and mentally to meet all the challenges you can get involved in during the trip around the world and process all the new impressions that you will soak-up along the way.

Therefore prepare yourself physically for your journey so that you do not notice on the way that you are not used to any effort. Get involved with topics like first aid, emergency pharmacy and crisis management. It can happen over and over again that you end up in dire situations, and then it’s good to be able to say, “Damn, that was almost as difficult as it was in my training.” In case you have not been on a long adventure or backpacker trip it is helpful to start with a few trial trips. Start with a one-week hike or bike trip or hitchhike across Germany to visit a friend and back. It is important that you get a sense of what you are getting into.

6. Have a mission

The world is big and as a single person you can get lost in it very quickly. Therefore, it is important to always have one goal in mind. If you travel a very long time, traveling will become a daily routine and then it is important to have a goal. Stalking Wolf, an old Apache scout has always said: “Wherever you go, go with a question! Because only then can the world give you an answer. “So take the time to go deep inside yourself, and ask yourself why you want to go on your great journey. What is your mission? What is the meaning behind the journey? What is the common thread that gives you orientation? How do you serve the common good of our earth with your journey? Travel extends the mind and you will probably throw many old thought concepts overboard on your journey around the world and gain new insights.

What is the destination of your journey? Discover the world? To find yourself? Which answers are you looking for when traveling?

So, ask yourself if you really just want to set out on a pure ego journey, with which you can score points with your friends afterwards, or if you want a deeper experience. Become a researcher and discoverer again. Of course it is also nice to travel as a tourist, just to look at the sights and collect trophies for the photo album. But do you really just always want to be a customer and a stranger? Or do you want to discover a country as a researcher? Find out its secrets and look at the cultures with a deep curiosity? What did you always want to know about the world? Or about yourself? And then give your journey around the world a goal, a motto and a mission. You will notice that people also react to you differently if they can recognize a meaning in your journey.

7. Pack wisely

Everything that is your possession for the duration of the world tour, you will always carry it with you or keep in your travel companion. Therefore, it is important to find the balance between too much and too little belongings. If you are a backpacker, you will not be able to carry luxury items with you. If you want to hike longer distances, you can not pack more than one sixth of your body weight in your backpack. However, this means that you have to be very Spartan, which in the long run can take a lot of pleasure from the adventure. Today I do not know yet what I will decide as a wanderer, perhaps I will go for a pilgrim wagon that I can pull on the hip behind me. This will give me the opportunity to carry up to 50 kilograms without feeling it greatly. The downside, of course, is that I can not go all the way with it and that gradients become even more demanding. So I have to think this through again. In any case when packing, remember that you still need some space and weight for food and drinks.

8. Make an emergency plan for your world trip

With whom do you want to do your trip together? Or are you preferring to travel alone and spontaneously join other travelers along the way?

No matter how careful you are and how well you prepare your journey, something can always go wrong. In this case you need an emergency plan. Make sure that you always keep at least enough money to make it on a spontaneous trip back home. Also a good health insurance is important, in case you get into an accident or get a severe illness. If you are traveling for a long time, it may even be worthwhile to exchange your normal health insurance for a foreign insurance. Here there are some that only cost only a fraction of the usual fee and as only requirement have as a condition that you are not allowed to stay in Germany longer than a certain time. When packing, keep in mind that you always have emergency equipment with you. This always includes enough supplies, adapted to the region you are hiking in, as well as a first aid kit, and everything you need to fix-up your travel companion.

9. Destinations and route: Start at your doorstep

Most people who dream of a world tour aspire first of all to the furthest countries in the world. But there is the danger that one is overwhelmed with the foreign impressions. In Europe alone, there are so many cultural differences that we can not understand much. In general, we know very little about Germany, even though we have little idea of our neighboring countries. However, if you want to explore the foreign, you should also have an understanding of your own culture. It is the natural way to travel from the near to the distant, that’s the only way our soul comes along on our journey. Therefore, it is advisable to lay down your route and the destinations so that you start with the nearest and continue to move until you finally arrive on your destination.

10. Take your time on your world tour

Check off sights or get to know places and people?

The word world travel automatically creates the illusion or the idea of ​​traveling around the world. This creates tremendous pressure, and if you give in to the idea of ​​really wanting to see everything, you will soon be disappointed. The earth is unbelievably big and not a hundred lives are enough to see it completely. Even if, as I plan to walk, you can only see a narrow section of every country and miss out on 1,000 other beautiful spots and exciting things. Anyone who sets their minds on wanting to see as much as possible in the limited amount of time will eventually become a mere off-shore tourist: Eiffel Tower: Check! Grand Canyon: Check! Great Wall of China: Check! But in the end you did not see anything of everything, because you are already thinking of planning your next destination. This is how the journey degenerates into stress and in the end it is over, without you even having really noticed. For those who want to experience their world tour, especially with their photos taken from home, this is the right method for them. But if you really want to see something, there is a golden rule for you:

Take your time and live in the Now!

Take on every place where you are right now, with all your true senses. If you like it somewhere, stay calm for a while and take a closer look. Often it makes more sense to select a smaller number of countries and experience them more intensively than to get to know a large number only sporadically and superficially. Always ask yourself: Do I want to travel the country so that I can claim afterwards that I have seen it, or do I want to travel it because I really want to get to know it? Be aware of the smells, sounds and emotions that prevail in a region. Why do people live here like this and not otherwise? And always leave enough time to process the many impressions you take on. If you look at a hundred things in a single day, each one of them will fade into confusion.

So just take your time and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

What do you think I have to pay attention to and must include in my planning for my trekking adventure trip around the world? I look forward to your suggestions in the comment box below.

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